Tor Field Station

Tor Field Station is used for ornithological studies parts of the year. It is in the Svarthamaren Protected Area.

Tor Field Station.

Tor Field Station is used to observe birds.  Photo: Stein Tronstad / Norwegian Polar Institute

Svarthamaren is a nunatak about 100 kilometres east of Troll. It has the largest known colony of Antarctic petrels in the world, close on 250 000 breeding pairs. Many pairs of snow petrels and south polar skuas nest in the same area.

The station was erected at the foot of the mountain in 1992 as a base for the work. The scientists working here have chiefly concentrated their efforts on the adaptations made by the birds to the environment they are living in and the nesting strategies they have evolved to be able to survive in this harsh environment. Long-term monitoring is also being carried out on the seabird populations living at Svarthamaren to learn more about how they are influenced by changes in the environment. Such long time series are also valuable to be able to understand and predict the effects of climate change.