Workshop: Collaboration and coordination within the Ny-Ålesund Atmospheric Flagship Programme

Workshop for scientists interested in atmospheric research in Ny-Ålesund or linking that to other sites at Svalbard and beyond.
View from the Zeppelin research station in Svalbard

The Zeppelin research station in Ny-Ålesund, Svalbard. Photo: Ove Hermannsen / NILU

Building on a SSF workshop about atmospheric research in Ny-Ålesund, the Atmospheric Research Flagship programme was initiated as part of the NySMAC science plan for Ny-Ålesund. Now, five years after, it is time to revisit the flagship agenda and create better and more productive collaborations, between atmospheric researchers in Ny-Ålesund from different institutions and between atmospheric researchers at different sites in Svalbard and beyond.

This workshop

  • aims to bring together key scientists studying the lower atmosphere in Ny-Ålesund, to establish or develop collaborations and joint research actions.
  • will produce plans for new activities, not only new measurements, but also detailed plans for new international and cross-station research building on existing data, planning for better using of ongoing measurements, and new observational needs.
  • will address, among others:
    • contributions to the "Analysis of Local Impacts on Air Quality",
    • pan-Svalbard observational programmes,
    • Svalbard – Greenland connections, and
    • contributions to pan-Arctic programmes.
  • will provide an opportunity to frame the activities of Ny-Ålesund in pan-Arctic perspectives, share experiences with other sites, in Svalbard and across the Fram Strait, laying the foundation for closer coordination and cooperation.

Participants will be challenged to present how their specific research contributes to and is integrated in such broader context.

Important dates

  • 4 August 2014: Deadline for registration and hotel booking
  • 15 August 2014: Deadline for request for travel support
  • 30 September 2014: Deadline for providing pre-workshop information
  • 8–9 October 2014: Workshop in Potsdam


  • Norwegian Polar Institute

  • Alfred Wegener Institute

  • Norwegian Polar Institute
Alfred Wegener Institute Norwegian Polar Institute Svalbard Science Forum