Ny-Ålesund Seminar

Ny-Ålesund seminar is a biannual meeting place for scientists who have Svalbard, and in particular Ny-Ålesund, as a base for their research and monitoring activities.

The seminar aim is to exchange scientific results, advancements, ideas and experience to inspire each other and increase further coordination and collaboration among researchers in Ny-Ålesund. A special session during the Ny-Ålesund seminar is the Atmospheric Symposium.

The seminar focuses on research and monitoring within the four Ny-Ålesund flagships, with the following topics:

  • Research and monitoring within the Atmosphere Flagship, with a special Atmosphere Symposium
  • Research and monitoring within the Kongsfjorden System Flagship
  • Research and monitoring within the Terrestrial Ecology Flagship
  • Research and monitoring within the Glaciology Flagship
  • Connect the activities in the rest of Svalbard and beyond to the research and monitoring in Ny-Ålesund. This includes presentations from activities in Hornsund, Barentsburg and Longyearbyen on how they can contribute to the ongoing research in Ny-Ålesund, as well as regional modelling and remote sensing work.
  • Further development of the four Ny-Ålesund flagships


22 SEP
23 SEP 
24 SEP
25 SEP 
09:00-12:30   Session: Terrestrial Flagship activities Session: Glaciology Flagship Activities Session: Atmosphere Symposium Break out
12:30-13:30   Lunsh Lunch Lunch
13:30-17:00   Session: Kongsfjorden System Flagship activities Session: Ny-Ålesund activities in a Pan-Svalbard perspective Atmosphere Symposium

Poster session (17:00-18:30)

Poster session (17:10-18:00)
19:00-> Ice-breaker   Seminar dinner  

Prior to the seminar (21-22 Sept 2015) the Ny-Ålesund Scientific Manager Committee (NySMAC) meeting will be arranged. This is a closed meeting for representatives from all the research bases in Ny-Ålesund to enhance and coordinate research activities in Ny-Ålesund.

Scientific committee

  • Karoline Bælum, Svalbard Science Forum, Norway
  • Geir W. Gabrielsen, Norwegian Polar Institute, Norway
  • Jack Kohler, Norwegian Polar Institute, Norway
  • Nalân Koç, Norwegian Polar Institute, Norway
  • K.P. Krishnan, National Centre for Antarctic and Ocean Research, India
  • Roland Neuber, Alfred Wegener Institute Potsdam, Germany
  • Christina A. Pedersen, Norwegian Polar Institute, Norway
  • Åshild Pedersen, Norwegian Polar Institute, Norway
  • Masaki Uchida, National Institute of Polar Research, Japan
  • Vito Vitale, CNR, Italy
  • Christian Wiencke, Alfred Wegener Institute Bremerhaven, Germany


The posters area is just outside the auditorium used for the talks. Please put up your poster as early as possible. There will be tape and pins available at a table in the poster area.

The poster should be in vertical orientation and about 70x100 cm (70 cm wide and 100 cm tall).

Note that there are two poster sessions: Wednesday 17:00-18:30, and Thursday 17:10-18:00.

We encourage you to present your poster at both sessions if possible.


The venue is Arktika Conference Centre in the Fram Centre in Tromsø, see map. The venue is within walking distance from the hotels in the city centre.

The air companies SAS and Norwegian operates several routes between Oslo and Tromsø daily. The flight time is approximately 1 h 50 min. From Oslo there are connections to several locations in Europe. The airport in Tromsø is located approximately 5 km from the city centre, and airport express coaches and taxis can take you to the city centre in about 10-15 min.

More information about Tromsø.

 northern ligths over the mountain of tromslocable car going down the mountainpolaria 

All photos from Visit Tromsø.


Tromsø offers a wide range of accommodations. Please book your accommodation in any of the hotels below by using the contact email for that hotel. Use the booking code Norwegian Polar Institute.

Thon Polar Hotel, contact:

  • 20-21 Sep: 30 rooms NOK 695,-
  • 21-22 Sep: 30 rooms NOK 895,-
  • 22-25 Sep: 60 rooms NOK 895,-
  • 25-26 Sep: 30 rooms NOK 895,-
  • Price includes breakfast

Thon Hotel Tromsø, contact:

  • 22-25 Sep: 40 rooms NOK 1.045,-
  • Price includes breakfast

Clarion Collection Hotel With, contact:

  • 21-26 Sep: 35 rooms NOK 1.195,-
  • Price includes breakfast and supper

Clarion Collection Hotel Aurora, contact:

  • 21-26 Sep: 15 rooms NOK 1.195,-           
  • Price includes breakfast and supper


We will be able to cover hotel costs for two nights for the participants at the Atmosphere Symposium with funding from SSF. These are researchers with activities connected to the Atmosphere Flagship. In cooperation with the local organizing committee the hotels will subtract the two nights directly from the hotel bill. Please be sure to use the booking code Norwegian Polar Institute when reserving your rooms.

We are not able to cover hotel for the other participants.

Local Organizing Committe

  • Christina A. Pedersen, Norwegian Polar Institute
  • Ingrid H. Storhaug, Norwegian Polar Institute
  • Nalân Koç, Norwegian Polar Institute
  • Karoline Bælum, Svalbard Science Forum

If you have additional questions please contact

Hope to see you in Tromsø in September

 Norwegian Polar Institute Svalbard Science Forum NySMAC  forskningsradet