Workshop: Adaptation to environmental changes in the Arctic

The goal of the workshop is to evaluate the current status of marine research activities in Kongsfjorden/Ny-Ålesund and to identify gaps and areas for future collaboration.


  • Limits of adaptation – Mechanisms across phyla
  • Adaptive responses in the Kongsfjorden system and beyond – Pan-Arctic perspectives
  • Winners and losers – Community changes
  • Requirements for Kongsfjord/Krossfjord ecosystem modelling
  • Data sharing and accessibility of research results

Participation and registration

The workshop is primarily intended for current and future researchers within the marine Kongsfjord Flagship program but will be open to NySMAC members, managers and service providers in Svalbard as observers.

The workshop will be free of charge. We cover travel and accomodation for up to 30 participants.

Registration deadline is 20 August 2016.

Please express your interest to or .

Travel and accommodation

Please purchase your flight tickets yourself.

For accommodation, we have a deal with Thon Hotel Polar for a price of NOK 795.00 per night. You can book your stay directly with Thon, mentioning that you are attending the meeting at the Norwegian Polar Institute.

Thon Hotel Polar
Phone: +47 7775 1700

Keep your receipts! After the workshop you will be reimbursed for your expenses.


The workship is organised by the Kongsfjorden Marine Ecosystem Flagship group.

If you need any further information, please don't hesitate to contact us:

  • , Norwegian Polar Institute
  • , Norwegian Polar Institute
  • , University of Bremen, Germany

The workship is funded by Svalbard Science Forum.