NPI seminar: Observing fine-scale upper ocean processes in the Southern Ocean

Speaker: Seb Swart, Univ. Gothenburg

The Southern Ocean is characterised by energetic fields of small-scale processes (submesoscale) and strong atmospheric forcing that act to enhance mixing and stratifying processes in the upper ocean. These unique processes and associated biogeochemical responses have direct implications on the flux and storage of heat and carbon between the atmosphere, mixed layer and ocean interior. A lack of field observations manifest large uncertainties in these exchange processes that have knock-on impacts on climate studies and projections. I will present results from multiple South Atlantic robotic platform deployments (surface and profiling gliders) in order to investigate the role of submesoscale fluxes on mixed layer dynamics and intra-seasonal variations in stratification that are significant to physical and biogeochemical processes. I will also present some new results from Norwegian seal tag data (Bouvetøya) in the Weddell Sea, as a precurser towards a marginal ice zone (MIZ) experiment in 2018. Lastly, new developments and activities within the Southern Ocean Observing System (SOOS) will be shared with you.