Ny-Ålesund Atmosphere Flagship open workshop

The Ny-Ålesund Atmosphere Flagship will arrange a workshop during the week 15-19 October 2018 at AWI in Potsdam. The idea is to have a full week devoted to updates from flagship working groups, thematic sessions, sessions on specific themes and sufficient time for individual discussions.


The tentative plan is as follows: The first day will include updates on activities and plans for the working groups (WGs); Tuesday and Wednesday will be for thematic sessions (cross-working-groups), including specific session on MOSAIC and SIOS State of Environmental Science in Svalbard report. The last two days will be set-aside for “bottom up” driven discussions: WG leaders can plan WG meeting if needed, scientists working on joint papers and/or data analysis can plan small group workshops; planning of future observations & campaigns, etc.



Monday 15. Oct

Tuesday 16. Oct

Wednesday 17. Oct

Thursday 18. Oct

Friday 19. Oct


Update on WG activities

Thematic sessions

Thematic sessions

Individual/smaller meetings

Individual/smaller meetings


Update on WG activities

Thematic sessions


Individual/smaller meetings

Individual/smaller meetings




Workshop dinner




The contact persons for each WG meeting is as follows:

  • WG1: Clouds, humidity, precipitation ( HC Hansson)
  • WG2: Long-term observations and trends in temperature, precipitation, clouds and radiation (lead: )
  • WG3: Boundary layer meteorology (lead: , A. Viola)
  • WG4: Interaction of snow, atmosphere, and aerosols (lead: , J.-C. Gallet)
  • WG5: Atmospheric aerosol (lead: )
  • WG6: Variability in surface UV irradiance and ozone column (lead: )
  • WG7: Atmospheric composition (lead: Ove Hermannsen, NILU)
  • WG8: Upper Atmosphere (lead: Jean Lilensten, Uni. Grenoble, and Yngvild L. Andalsvik, NMA)


The registration for the workshop will be available at the workshop webpage with the second circular by end of May 2018.


The meeting is free of charge and include coffee breaks, lunches and the workshop common dinner. We have also limited funds available for travel support. If you require travel support please email Christina at  and indicate the approximate costs of your travel as soon as possible, and latest 15. June. We will not be able to cover hotel costs. Please also indicate what part of the workshop you would like to attend and your contribution. The flagship steering committee will in the best manner distribute the available funds between the participation in need of this.


The participants need to reserve rooms themselves.

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