Icegoing research vessel to be designed in Ålesund

Rolls–Royce Marine AS in Ålesund has accepted the contract to design the new, Norwegian icegoing research vessel. In the Fiscal Budget for 2008, five million NOK are granted to pre-engineering of this vessel to replace existing icegoing vessels, among those FF Lance, which belongs to the Norwegian Polar Institute.

Icegoing vessel

Illustration: Rolls-Royce Marine AS

The contract, signed in Bergen on 3 April, is an important part of a pre-project for construction of a new icegoing vessel. The pre-project will generate the basis for the tender documents to be ready by the autumn of 2008, and there will be a call for tenders in 2009. The call for tenders will be accomplished if the Government decides to proceed with the bill to the Parliament, to build a new icegoing research vessel.

Thorough work has laid the grounds for the appropriation of the pre-project. All Norwegian research and monitoring institutions operating in polar waters have participated – and they will all be users of the new vessel.

The Institute of Marine Research heads the project group with representatives from the user institutions, among those the Norwegian Polar Institute and the Universities of Bergen and Tromsø.