Prof. Rudolf H. Drent has passed away

Prof. Rudolf H. Drent (Rudi Drent) from University of Groningen died on 9 September 2008, aged 71. He was active in research to the very end.

Prof. Rudolf H. Drent

Prof. Drent was a good friend of the Norwegian Polar Institute. He was professor emeritus of animal ecology and worked since the beginning of the late 70s closely with many biologists from the institute. He started the population studies of barnacle geese at Nordensköldkysten, which are still going on 30 years later, and was also the person who initiated monitoring studies of geese in Kongsfjorden, Svalbard. He was a mentor for a large group of young ecologists and developed a strong research group in behavioural ecology at the University of Groningen.

Prof. Drent published more than 100 articles and supervised more than 60 doctoral students. Many of these students undertook their studies in Svalbard and Prof. Drent took part in their field work. Prof. Drent visited Svalbard for the last time in 2003.

In 1980 he published his classic work on the "prudent parent" in birds. Now the prudent parent has left, and he will be grately missed.