International workshop on black carbon in snow

A seminar on black carbon in snow sampling, albedo effects and climate impact was recently organized in Tromsø.

Workshop participants

The workshop participants. Photo: A. E. Tønset / Norwegian Polar Institute

Christina Alsvik Pedersen

Christina Alsvik Pedersen from the Norwegian Polar Institute collects snow to be analyzed for black carbon. Photo: Wiley S. Bogren / NILU

The seminar was a result of the Norwegian-American cooperation project "Black carbon in Arctic snow and ice, and its effect on surface albedo." The purpose of the seminar was to increase knowledge of the soot in the atmosphere. Following the seminar, a summarizing report will be published.

30 scientists from various institutions participated in the workshop, which was organized by Cicero / University of Oslo, University of Washington (Seattle) and the Norwegian Polar Institute.