The glaciologists at the Fimbul Ice Shelf

Glaciology is traditionally a male dominated field, however the glaciologists participating in the expedition to the Fimbul Ice Shelf are all women.

Anna Sinisalo, Kirsty Langley, Elisabeth Isaksson and Helgard Anschütz

The glaciologists on The Fimbul Ice Shelf are Anna Sinisalo (to the left), Kirsty Langley (in the back), Elisabeth Isaksson (in the front) and Helgard Anschütz (to the right). Photo: Elin Vinje Jenssen / Norwegian Polar Institute

Four glaciologists participate in the expedition, all of them women. This is quite special as glaciology traditionally is a man dominated research field.

The situation that the glaciology group consists of only women is likely both a coincidence and a result that girls during the last ten years have chosen to study more untraditional subjects in high schools and at universities, according to the project leader of the glaciologists, Elisabeth Isaksson. She is senior researcher at The Norwegian Polar Institute.

Together with the research colleagues Kirsty Langley and Helgard Anschütz from The Polar Institute and Anna Sinisalo from The University of Oslo, Elisabeth Isaksson is undertaking a study of ice movements, radar measurements of ice depth and finding out how much melts at the bottom of the ice, bore out ice-cores, dig snow shafts in order to study how much it snows every year and what the snow contains. The ice- and snow specimens will be taken back to Tromsø where they will be analyzed in the laboratory. All the four glaciologists have been in Antarctica before. The most experienced Antarctica traveller is Helgard who spent a winter at the German station Neumayer in Dronning Maud Land.