Twelve tons of equipment to Antarctica

Two containers full of equipment is sent to the Troll station in Antarctica. For two months we have been working intensively testing and packing the equipment for the expedition to the Fimbul Ice Shelf next year.

Hot water drilling

"Hot water drilling" outside the Polar Environmental Center in Tromsø. Photo: Ole Anders Nøst


Photo: Ole Anders Nøst

The main focus has been on the hot water drilling equipment to be used for drilling holes in the ice shelf. This equipment has been borrowed from British Antarctic Survey (BAS). Two scientists from BAS, Keith Nicholls and Keith Makinson, have extended experience using this equipment and they have been in Tromsø to share their experience with us. The equipment will be shipped to Antarctica waiting for us at the Troll station for a year. There are lots of details to remember and it is important that nothing is forgotten. Today the containers with the 12 tons of equipment were sent to the south.