Iceberg about to collide with the Fimbul Ice Shelf

The iceberg B15K, which is part of the huge iceberg B15 that broke away from the Ross Ice Shelf in April 2000, is about to collide with Trolltunga.


The iceberg B15K. Photo: DLR, German Aerospace Center, 2009

In April 2000 the huge iceberg called B15 broke away from the Ross Ice Shelf. B15 was grounded in the Ross Sea for some years and broke in several parts. B15K broke off from B15 in December 2003, while they were still in the Ross Sea. Since then B15K has drifted half way around Antarctica, and the satellite image to the right shows the iceberg about to collide with Trolltunga a few days ago.

That icebergs collide with Trolltunga is not unusual. In April 2006 B15A, another part of B15, collided with Trolltunga and broke of its northeastern corner. These collisions involves large forces. B15K is about 5–10 km wide, about 50 km long and up 400 meters thick. This is small compared to its mother B15, which was about 11.000 square kilometers, or about the size of Jamaica.