Press release: Management plan for the Norwegian part of the Barents Sea and Lofoten

The knowledge basis for the update of the “Integrated Management Plan for the Norwegian Part of the Barents Sea and the areas outside Lofoten” presented today.

Forside Barentshavet

The Management Forum (overarching body for the process) presented today a report on the update of the integrated management plan for the Norwegian part of the Barents Sea – Lofoten. The report is made in cooperation with the Monitoring Group and the Risk Management Group.

The report shows that the most important fisheries resources are in good condition, while the status of most of the seabird populations has changed for the worse at a disturbing speed. The probability for incidents related to traffic at sea or petroleum activities is considered to be low, but the consequences on the environment and on society of such incidents may be substantial.

For more information, contact Head of the Management Forum, , Norwegian Polar Institute, tel. +47 994 37 406.