Sir David Attenborough joins polar bear scientists in the field

Sir David Attenborough and his BBC film crew recently joined NPI scientists in the field, covering the polar bear research in Svalbard.

Sir David Attenborough og hans filmteam fra BBC sammen med Magnus Andersen og Jon Aars ved isbjørn

Photo: M. Andersen / Norwegian Polar Institute

Sir David Attenborough, Magnus Andersen og Jon Aars ved isbjørn

Project manager and polar bear scientist Dr Jon Aars and project assistant Magnus Andersen is being inteviewed by Sir David Attenborough during field work in Svalbard. Photo: M. Andersen / Norwegian Polar Institute

During the film crew's visit the scientists captured a female bear in Van Keulenfjorden in Svalbard. She had no cubs, was around 7 years old and had been tagged by the scientists in 2008. The scientists collected various samples and put a GPS collar on the bear, making it possible to track her for the next 15 months.

Sir Attenborough interviewed the scientists at work, commenting the whole process in his characteristic way.

The Svalbard filming was part of BBC's large production Frozen Planet. Before coming to Svalbard, the crew visited the North Polar. The series will be aired on BBC next spring.

The scientists from the Norwegian Polar Institute was working with the project Polar Bear Monitoring in Svalbard. Project manager is Dr Jon Aars.