Focus on rising sea levels

Sea levels may rise by as much as one meter before the end of this century, said Jan-Gunnar Winther, director of the Norwegian Polar Institute, at the first Polar EXCHANGE at Oslo Science Conference this week.

Sue Nelson og Jan-Gunnar Winther

Jan-Gunnar Winther talks to Sue Nelson. Photo: Linda Capper

Jan-Gunnar Winther pointed out that melting glaciers and the melting ice sheets in the Arctic and Antarctic will account for 75 % of the rise in sea levels, while expansion of the water as it warms will account for 25 %.

Winther was the first to talk to BBC journalist Sue Nelson at the Polar EXCHANGE at the Oslo Science Conference. People around the world can tune in to hear more from some of the world's leading polar research scientists. New sessions will be held on Thursday and Friday.