Winther selected as author of IPCC-report

Jan-Gunnar Winther, director of the Norwegian Polar Institute has been selected to contribute to the IPCC Fifth Assessment Report.


Winther will contribute to the first chapter The Physical Science Basis, which gives an overall view of the climate system and subject.

– I look forward to getting a deeper insight into the work of IPCC and contribute to this important work, says Jan-Gunnar Winther.

A team of 831 climate change experts will dedicate almost four years to the three Working Group Reports of the IPCC Fifth Assessment Report (AR5) to be published between 2013 and 2014. These experts will also provide contributions to the Synthesis Report to be published in 2014.

There are Norwegian contributers in all three working groups.

Volume 1: The Physical Science Basis:

  • Gunnar Myhre, CICERO, Coordinating Lead Author
  • Jan-Gunnar Winther, Norsk polarinstitutt, Lead Author
  • Jan Fuglestvedt, CICERO, Lead Author
  • Eystein Jansen, Universitetet i Bergen, Lead Author
  • Cecilie Mauritzen, Meteorologisk institutt, Lead Author
  • Christoph Heinze, Universitetet i Bergen, Review Editor

Volume 2: Impacts, Adaption, and Vulnerability

  • Siri Eriksen, Universitetet for miljø- og biovitenskap, Lead Author
  • Grete Hovelsrud, CICERO, Lead Author
  • Karen O'Brien, Universitetet i Oslo, Lead Author
  • Asuncion Lera St.Clair, Universitetet i Bergen, Lead Author
  • Svein Sundby, Havforskningsinstituttet, Lead Author
  • Kenneth Drinkwater, Havforskningsinstituttet, Review Editor
  • Ståle Navrud, Universitetet for miljø- og biovitenskap, Review Editor

Volume 3: Mitigation of Climate Change

  • Annegrete Bruvoll, Statistisk sentralbyrå, Lead Author
  • Edgar Hertwich, NTNU, Lead Author
  • Frank Sperling, WWF, Lead Author
  • Daniel Mueller, NTNU, Lead Author
  • Snorre Kverndokk, Frischsenteret, Review Editor