BarentsWatch portal goes live in Tromsø

The web portal BarentsWatch is a pioneering initiative to gather all the knowledge amassed by Norwegian management authorities concerning Norway’s coasts and seas. The portal was officially opened in Tromsø on 30 May by Lisbeth Berg-Hansen, Minister of Fisheries and Coastal Affairs, and Jonas Gahr Støre, Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Lisbeth Berg-Hansen

Lisbeth Berg-Hansen, Minister of Fisheries and Coastal Affairs, during the opening of BarentsWatch. Photo: Bjørn Joachimsen / BarentsWatch

The Government’s assignment to the Norwegian Costal Administration was to develop a comprehensive system that makes relevant information and services easily accessible to agencies, decision-makers and the general public.

BarentsWatch will fulfil the modern-day requirements of sea and coastal management agencies by helping ensure that relevant information is shared and reaches those who need it,” said Minister Lisbet Berg-Hansen.

She believes BarentsWatch will improve safety at sea, give better insight, and provide a more comprehensive picture of what is happening.

In addition to coordinating information from a multitude of highly reliable sources, BarentsWatch enables the user to combine information from different disciplines, thus creating new insight and knowledge.

The ambition is ultimately to provide the central agencies responsible for maritime issues with a closed system that presents a unified picture of the situation at sea, making for more efficient operations.

This is an important milestone in the Government’s strategy for the High North,” said Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Støre.

We now have a portal for comprehensive information about our seas that will benefit both the general public and specialised users. Through BarentsWatch, agencies with operational responsibilities at sea will eventually have an efficient tool to exchange information and to create a mutual overview of the current situation. Overall, BarentsWatch will put us in a better position to play our important part as a seafaring nation.

The Norwegian Polar Institute is one of the collaborating agencies that contribute information to BarentsWatch.

Learn more about BarentsWatch here.