Quantarctica – A free GIS package for Antarctica

Quantarctica is a collection of Antarctic geographical datasets which works with the free, open-source software Quantum GIS. The package is freely available for non-commercial use in research, education, and operation in Antarctica.

About Quantarctica

Quantarctica -  GIS package for Antarctica

Quantarctica A GIS package for Antarctica Illustration: Audun Igesund/ Norwegian Polar Institute

  • A ready-to-go package, including a range of continent-wide datasets.
  • Free to change for your own purpose (you can add your project data to Quantarctica and develop your own GIS project file).
  • A stand-alone system so you can bring it to remote areas without internet access.
  • Able to plot GPS-provided positions on satellite images and other data.

Quantarctica will grow with contributions from the community. Quantarctica is led by the Norwegian Polar Institute.

Download the GIS package from www.quantarctica.org.