Satellite imagery in TopoSvalbard

TopoSvalbard is now extended with a new map layer: satellite imagery.

Map: Anders Skoglund / Norwegian Polar Institute

The images are on the whole compiled from Landsat 8 scenes captured last summer. Where clouds and snow cover the land, we hope to supply with new images after the coming season.

This mosaic is to provide a Svalbard overview. Our high resolution aerial photos from 2008–2012 are added continuously as we produce orthophoto. (Previews of the images are also available through the aerial photo button in the TopoSvalbard menu, as indicated in the screenshot below.) Current orthophoto production (settlements and Dickson Land) becomes visible when zooming in.

The imagery can be accessed from the "Map" dropdown menu in TopoSvalbard. Another new feature in this respect is the option to switch between map and imagery with a single right-click in the map frame itself.