New film from the thin ice studies in the Arctic: N-ICE2015

Research vessel RV Lance was frozen into the Arctic ice pack in the midst of the polar night in January 2015, under the auspices of Norwegian Polar Institute led project Norwegian Young Sea Ice Cruise 2015 (N-ICE2015) to study the effects and feedbacks of the thinning of Arctic sea ice. Now you can watch a film from the project.

The footage for the film was made during the first leg of the project N-ICE2015.
Video: Norwegian Polar Institute

For 6 months the ship will serve as platform for about 100 scientists from more than 10 nations studying the interaction of the atmosphere, ice, ocean and marine ecosystem, to help us understand future changes better.

N-ICE2015 is led by the Norwegian Polar Institute. The project with the freezing of RV Lance can be followed on our website and social media under the hashtag #NICE2015Arctic.