Offline Svalbard map

The Mapping section at the Norwegian Polar Institute has now prepared a detailed map of Svalbard, which can be downloaded for use on PC, tablet and smartphones while offline.

map and smartphone

The level of map detail Photo: Norwegian Polar Institute

The product has a content based on the main map series of Svalbard 1 : 100 000 (S100). It is divided in 150 tiles, where each tile measures 50x50 km, and stored in the raster data JPEG 2000 file format. These tiles can be used directly in GIS systems on computers, or through e.g. the app Geoviewer from Lizardtech for tablets and smartphones.

The maps is ready to download from the our data centre. After download and unzipping to a computer, the maps can be transferred to desired folder on an Android unit e.g. through an USB cable. For iOS units, using e.g. the web service Dropbox as a channel from the computer to the unit can be applied. When the maps are stored on the unit, the desired tiles can be added to Geoviewer from the app menus.

The maps are kept up-to-date with the production of new map data in the S100 database. Parts of the map data are of older origin and not suited for navigation.

Download map