Annual Report 2015 published

The Annual Report 2015 gives an overview of the Norwegian Polar Institute’s activities and achievements, financing and publications for 2015. It is in Norwegian with a summary in English. All captions and articles are in English as well as Norwegian.

The research vessel Lance, frozen into the ice: Front cover image for the Norwegian Polar Institute's Annual Report 2015.

The front cover shows the Polar Institute’s research vessel Lance, which was frozen into the ice north of Svalbard during the project N-ICE2015. Photo: Norwegian Polar Institute


  • N-ICE2015: following sea ice from cradle to grave
  • A new estimate of the number of polar bears in the Norwegian part of the Barents Sea
  • Nytt estimat av antall isbjørn i norsk del av Barentshavet
  • The endangered High-Arctic ivory gull
  • A new seamless digital geological map of Dronning Maud Land
  • The marine habitats lagoons and coves in Svalbard

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