We are seeking Norwegian Standing Scientific Group (SSG) representatives

The Norwegian Polar Institute is seeking three new representatives, and three new alternates to serve in three Working Groups of the Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research (SCAR). We are seeking nominations for candidates that are actively interested in Antarctic research, and with a high level of involvement. Self-nominations are also welcome and encouraged.


Photo: Elvar Ørn Kjartansson / Norwegian Polar Institute

About SCAR

SCAR is a committee of the ICSU, charged with promoting, initiating and coordinating scientific research in Antarctica. In SCAR, scientific activities are carried out by Standing Scientific Groups. They represent the various disciplines in Antarctic research and report to SCAR. In addition to research, SCAR also has an important role in providing objective scientific advice to the consultative meetings under the Antarctic Treaty. SCAR also gives advice on the management of Antarctica and the Southern Ocean to organisations such as the UNFCCC and the IPCC.

Norwegian membership of SCAR is administered by the Norwegian Polar Institute. The Institute coordinates national strategy work, notably through regular meetings of representatives, sharing of communications and annual reporting to SCAR.

We are seeking three Norwegian Standing Scientific Group (SSG) representatives, and three alternates.

We are seeking representatives and alternates to the following Standing Scientific Groups:

• Geosciences
• Life Sciences
• Physical Sciences

The representatives to SCAR are experts within their field, from different scientific disciplines so that the full range of Antarctic research is represented. We expect the representatives to actively attend meetings in their SSG, attend a national coordination meeting (usually in connection with the Antarctic seminar) and write a short summary report after meetings, and establish an informal network within the SSGs field to ensure information to the national science community. The Norwegian Polar Institute covers travel and hotel expenses when attending the SCAR biannual meetings. The representative and alternate to the SSGs should represent a spread in the scientific foci of the respective SSGs

In the selection, emphasis will be placed on the required expertise in the respective SSGs, as well as gender, age, institution and geography. The Norwegian SCAR-representatives and alternates must be employed at a Norwegian institution. The SSG-representatives and alternates will be selected in March and will be nominated for a four-year term starting 1 April 2019, with the possibility of a second term.

Please fill in the form below, and submit your nominations with the form and CV by the 25th of February 2019.

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