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  • Polar bears in Svalbard in good condition – so far

    The Norwegian Polar Institute has carried out a counting of polar bears in Svalbard. The results show that there are probably more polar bears than the last time the bears were counted.

  • Climate change may impact Arctic wildlife

    Results from the Norwegian IPY project CLEOPATRA show that climate change can affect the growth conditions of ice algae and copepods in the Arctic. The algae produce omega-3 fatty acids, and the copepods are an important delivery system for these fatty acids to the rest of the marine food chain.

  • Mini-seminar on climate change and animal diseases

    A mini-seminar on climate change and animal diseases will be held at the Polar Environmental Centre in Tromsø on 19 May, and is open to the interested public. The two-hour seminar will give a brief introduction to the current knowledge on climate change and the possible effects on infectious diseases in both terrestrial and marine animals.