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  • Institute Director featured in documentary on climate change

    Director of the Norwegian Polar Institute, Dr. Jan-Gunnar Winther, participated in a two-part documentary on climate change, "Warmer", which premiered on the ABS-CBN News Channel in the Philippines 28 March 2016.

  • Annual Report 2015 published

    The Annual Report 2015 gives an overview of the Norwegian Polar Institute’s activities and achievements, financing and publications for 2015. It is in Norwegian with a summary in English. All captions and articles are in English as well as Norwegian.

  • Annual report 2012

    The Norwegian Polar Institute's annual report provides an overview of the Institute's activities and publications from the past year.

  • Children filled the Norwegian Polar Institute's library for exhibit opening

    On 20 April, the library was filled by children from a daycare centre in Tromsø, who had contributed with drawings to an exhibit on Norwegian emigrants to Alaska.

  • Draw Balto the Dog!

    The Norwegian Polar Institute is making an exhibition about Balto and the other sled dogs from the serum run to Nome in 1925, and we would like kids' drawings to the exhibition.

  • Great interest in free access to polar research

    The Norwegian Polar Institute's peer-reviewed, multi-disciplinary journal —Polar Research— has enjoyed over 100 000 full text downloads from its website during 2011, a mark of success for the journal’s move to open-access nearly one year ago.

  • South Pole Jubilee Celebration begins

    The Norwegian Polar Institute’s Centenary Expedition South Pole 1911–2011 is participating at the South Pole 14 December, after Jan-Gunnar Winther and Stein P. Aasheim were flown to the South Pole late Monday night.

  • Norwegian Polar Institute's annual report for 2010

    The annual report addresses the the Institute activities, financial statements and publications of 2010. It includes articles about climate change in the Norwegian Arctic, the update of the management plan for the Barents Sea and areas off the Lofoten Islands, logistics in Antarctica, and sea birds and the new Norwegian Red List.

  • New report: Climate Change in the Norwegian Arctic - Implications for life in the North

    NorACIA (Norwegian Arctic Climate Impact Assessment) report "Climate change in the Arctic. Consequences for life in the north", is translated into English.

  • Researchers' Night on Hurtigruten – Environment and Climate Change

    Friday 24 September, passengers of all the Hurtigruten vessels will get an introduction to the environment and climate during and after the last ice age. Researcher Dorthe Klitgaard Kristiansen from the Norwegian Polar Institute will participate and give a talk on natural climate change.

  • Focus on rising sea levels

    Sea levels may rise by as much as one meter before the end of this century, said Jan-Gunnar Winther, director of the Norwegian Polar Institute, at the first Polar EXCHANGE at Oslo Science Conference this week.

  • Warmer and wetter Norwegian Arctic

    The new report “Climate changes in the Norwegian Arctic – consequences for life in the north” handed over to Norwegian Minister of the Environment, Erik Solheim. The report marks the ending of many years scientific work under the project NorACIA (Norwegian Arctic Climate Impact Assessment).

  • Sir David Attenborough joins polar bear scientists in the field

    Sir David Attenborough and his BBC film crew recently joined NPI scientists in the field, covering the polar bear research in Svalbard.

  • Polar Research in Tromsø 2009

    This publication describes the education and research in polar studies carried out by institutions in Tromsø during the last year.

  • Report on melting snow and ice presented in Copenhagen today

    Former Vice President Al Gore and Norwegian Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Støre presented their global report on melting ice at a side event of the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen (COP 15) 14 December.