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  • Geological map of Svalbard for smartphones

    If you're looking for a geological map of Svalbard, you'll no longer need to purchase printed maps, nor rely on mobile service. A GPS-enabled smartphone will suffice.

  • New geological map database

    The Norwegian polar Institute's thematic map portal Svalbardkartet has been complemented with a geological map database constructed for the scale of 1:250 000.

  • New publication: Geoscience Atlas of Svalbard

    The Norwegian Polar Institute has published "Geoscience Atlas of Svalbard", a book that provides information about geosciences in Svalbard.

  • Satellite imagery in TopoSvalbard

    TopoSvalbard is now extended with a new map layer: satellite imagery.

  • TopoSvalbard-map in a bird's eye perspective

    TopoSvalbard is now extended with a simple solution for viewing the map in a bird's eye perspective.

  • Warmer and wetter Norwegian Arctic

    The new report “Climate changes in the Norwegian Arctic – consequences for life in the north” handed over to Norwegian Minister of the Environment, Erik Solheim. The report marks the ending of many years scientific work under the project NorACIA (Norwegian Arctic Climate Impact Assessment).

  • New book: Ecosystem Barents Sea

    The book Ecosystem Barents Sea has now been published in English on Tapir Academic Press, Trondheim, Norway. Many researchers and managers at the Norwegian Polar Institute have contributed to the chapters in this book.