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  • New film from the thin ice studies in the Arctic: N-ICE2015

    Now you can watch a film from the project.

  • Studying the sea ice from the northern tip of Alaska

    Norwegian Polar Institute (NPI) researchers are working in collaboration with their American colleagues to study the processes important to the melt of sea ice in the Arctic.

  • Cooperating with China on research project AMORA

    Cooperating with China on research project AMORA

  • Clouds halve the climatic effect of bare ocean

    Dwindling sea ice in the Arctic is given a key role in climate change and is feared as a driver of global warming.

  • Report on the Expected Arctic Sea Ice Minimum

    Monthly reports released throughout the summer summarize all available data and observations. Read the July report here.

  • Conclusions from the ICE-cruise with RV Lance

    After 3 weeks of intensive work in icy waters off northern Svalbard, this year's ICE-cruise ended on May 16 in Longyearbyen. During this period, we documented the spring ocean and ice conditions as well as the timing and composition of the ice algal and phytoplankton bloom. We also studied spring snow–ice–ocean–atmosphere interactions, which are of great importance for improving the performance of climate models.

  • So what is CryoSat validation?

    Yesterday we ended the last ice station for the CryoSat validation group during a beautiful evening. The levelling team spent the last hours by the lead on the remote side of the floe, helped by two wonderful polar bear guardesses.

  • Blog from RV Lance: Under-ice turbulence instruments recovered

    Today we recovered our under-ice turbulence instruments after two days of operation. The system consists of eight different sensors fixed to an eight meter long aluminium pole.

  • Blog from RV Lance: Measuring, coring, drilling, dug snow pits and a whole lot of other things on the sea ice.

    After a week at sea we have been already walking on water many times, at times with more than 2000 m of water below our feet, we have been measuring, coring, drilling, dug snow pits and a whole lot of other things on the sea ice covering the Arctic Ocean north of Svalbard.

  • Blog from RV Lance: Plankton and sea ice ecology

    Air temperature -8 °C, but feeling colder due to the wind chill; water temperature close to freezing, overcast skies, and three people (Harvey, Mirko and Philipp) in survival suits close to the edge of a large ice flow.

  • Accellerated melting in the Arctic

    The ice in the Arctic is melting more rapid than expected, and may lead to a sea level rise of 1,5 metres by the year 2100.

  • Cryosat: ICE-cruise 2011 blog

    An international group of seven sea ice scientists left Longyearbyen on 4 April onboard the Norwegian Coastguard vessel KV Svalbard together with polar bear and ivory gull researchers, heading towards the sea ice north and northeast of Svalbard.

  • Chinese researchers visiting Tromsø

    The Chinese-Norwegian research project AMORA is developing measuring devices to improve the understanding of how the sun affects global warming, and which role the Arctic sea ice plays in this. The participants of the project recently met in Tromsø.

  • The Sea Ice Outlook reports low pan-arctic ice extent

    The outlook for arctic sea ice in September 2009, based on July data, indicates a continuation of low pan-arctic sea ice extent and no indication that a return to historical levels will occur.

  • Norwegian-Canadian collaboration in the Circumpolar Flaw Lead System Study

    The Circumpolar Flaw Lead System Study (CFL) is a large Canadian-led international effort to understand the role of the CFL in a context of Arctic warming.