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Ahonen, Heidi Postdoctor (bioacoustics )
Andersen, Magnus Senior engineer
Assmy, Philipp Research scientist, marine algea
Blanchet, Marie-Anne Research scientist
Blevin, Pierre Research scientist
Cerezo, Maite Research technician
Cleary, Alison Postdoctor, Molecular ecology
Cohen, Lana Postdoctor, atmospheric physics
Collard, France Postdoctor, microplastics in the Arctic
Descamps, Sébastien Research scientist
Diez, Anja Postdoctor, Antarctic glaciology
Divine, Dmitry Research scientist
Dodd, Paul A. Research scientist, sea ice / oceanography
Duarte, Pedro Research scientist, Arctic marine ecosystem modeling
Eischeid, Isabell Research engineer COAT
Elvevold, Synnøve Research scientist, geology
Everett, Alistair Research scientist
Fransson, Agneta Research scientist
Fuglei, Eva Research scientist, biology
Gabrielsen, Geir Wing Head of environmental pollution section / senior research scientist
Gallet, Jean-Charles Research scientist, snow physics
Gerland, Sebastian Section leader oceans and sea ice / senior research scientist
Graham, Robert Postdoctor, climate modeling
Granskog, Mats A. Research scientist, sea ice / oceanography
Griffith, Gary Research scientist, arctic marine ecosystems
Guesnon, Christelle Department engineer, Sverdrup research station
Hallanger, Ingeborg Research scientist, Environmental pollutants
Hamilton, Charmain Research scientist / spatial analysis of seals
Heitmann, Filip Department engineer, Sverdrup research station
Helgason, Halfdan Helgi Project team member SEATRACK
Hop, Haakon Senior research scientist
Hudson, Stephen R. Researcher, atmosphere-cryosphere interactions
Husum, Katrine Senior research scientist, arctic paleoceanography
Håhjem, Leif Arild Department engineer, Sverdrup research station
Isaksson, Elisabeth Section leader geology and geophysics / senior research scientist
Kauko, Hanna PhD candidate, photobiology, arctic marine algae
Kohler, Jack Senior research scientist, glaciology
Kovacs, Kit M. Section leader biodiversity / senior research scientist
Koç, Nalân Research director
Krapp, Rupert Chief engineer
Lindbäck, Katrin Postdoctor, Antarctic glaciology
Lippold, Anna Research technician
Lorentzen, Erlend Chief engineer
Lowther, Andrew Ecologist Sørishavet
Luhmann, Katharina Research technichian
Lydersen, Christian Senior research scientist (marine biology)
van Liefferinge, Brice Research scientist
Markussen, Helge Tore Station manager, Sverdrup research station
Matsuoka, Kenichi Senior research scientist
Merkel, Benjamin PhD candidate , seabird ecology SEATRACK
Miettinen, Arto Research scientist, arctic paleoceanography
Moholdt, Geir Research scientist, remote sensing of the cryosphere
Moreau, Sebastien Biological oceanographer
Morris, Richard Ashley Postdoctor, remote sensing and glaciology
Myhre, Per Inge Research scientist, bedrock geology
Negrel, Jean Postdoctor, remote sensing of sea ice
Olsen, Lasse Mork Postdoctor, Arctic marine algae – ecology and taxonomy
Orme, Lisa Postdoctor, paleoceanography
Pavlova, Olga Research scientist, sea ice
Pedersen, Åshild Ønvik Terrestrial ecologist
Pedersen, Stein Tore Research engineer COAT
Pedersen, Christina Alsvik Scientific coordinator
Ravolainen, Virve Research scientist, terrestrial plant ecology
Routti, Heli Research scientist, ecotoxicology
Rösel, Anja Postdoctor, sea ice physics
Steen, Harald Leader for ICE
Storhaug, Ingrid Senior executive officer
Strøm, Hallvard Research scientist, ecology
Sundfjord, Arild Research scientist / oceanography
de Steur, Laura Research scientist, oceanography
Torsvik, Tomas Research scientist, ocean modelling
Tryland, Morten Veterinary / Research scientist
Vacquié-Garcia, Jade Postdoctor, spatial analysis of whale
Vihtakari, Mikko Research scientist
Wang, Caixin Research scientist
Wold, Anette Chief engineer, biology, marine ecology
Aars, Jon Research scientist