Stephen R. Hudson

Researcher, atmosphere-cryosphere interactions
Stephen R. Hudson
Norwegian Polar Institute

Current activities


STASIS (FRINATEK programme, Norwegian Research Council, 2013–2017) - Solar radiation under sea ice

FRINAT - Arctic sea ice (FRINAT programme, Norwegian Research Council, 2010–2013) - Radiation budget studies on Arctic sea ice

ICE-Fluxes (Centre for Ice, Climate and Ecosystems) - Study of processes controlling atmosphere-ice-ocean interactions

POLRES-SeaIce (NOR-USA collaborative project, Norwegian Research Council)

Areas of interest and expertise

My general interest is in radiation processes and energy budgets on snow- or ice-covered areas.  My recent work has focused on solar radiation and sea ice in the Arctic (near Svalbard and Barrow), but I'm also pulling in other components of the radiation and energy budget. I'm currently particularly interested in observing the surface energy budget of sea ice, especially during the melt season, in a way that allows us to see how the large scale (satellite pixel or model grid cell) budget is determined by and modified by small scale variability and processes such as melt ponds. In addition, I'm working to develop new installations to monitor the radiation budget in the Ny-Ålesund region of Svalbard, with a focus on the radiation budget on Kongsvegen glacier and on the effect of the lower atmosphere on the incoming radiation in town.

My earlier work was related, but focused on the Antarctic Plateau, with campaigns from South Pole and Dome C.