Calving intensity of tidewater glaciers in NW Spitsbergen and its importance for contemporary evolution of glacier system

Importance of glacier mass loss due to calving for rapid recession of tidewater glaciers observed recently will be studied. Tidewater glaciers in NW Spitsbergen are in focus of interest of the project (Kronebreen, Kongsvegen, Aavatsmarkbreen, Dahlbreen and additionally Comfortlessbreen). They are relatively well described in literature, have series of different kind of observations and are located close to Ny-Ålesund and the Polish field station of Nicolas Copernicus University in Kaffiøyra.
Field and remote sensing techniques will be applied for acquisition of the data:
1) Glacier velocity will be measured by the repeated static GPS survey and the SAR interferometry.
2) Actual geometry of glaciers will be surveyed by the kinematic GPS method.
3) Fluctuations of glacier front positions will be obtained from maps, papers, aerial photos and satellite images of different dates.
4) Average mass balance of studied glaciers will be estimated by combined method. The special attention will be paid to snow cover distribution on large glaciers and snow re-deposition processes. Winter snow thickness and density will be measured in different elevation zones (snow sounding) of glaciers in question. Detailed studies of snow distribution and re-deposition will be made at a test area of Aavatsmarkbreen, equipped by an automatic weather station.