Reproductive ecology of bearded seals (Erignathus barbatus) in Svalbard

This three year program is a continuation of work that was commenced in 1993. It will contribute novel scientific data on a little known Arctic species. Additionally, it will provide valuable information for the assessment of fisheries-seal interactions (i.e. management information). The programme is comprised of the following projects: l Growth patterns and age structure in Svalbard bearded seals l Diet (stomach contents) of bearded seals in Svalbard l Distribution and diving behaviour of bearded seals during their first year of life assessed via satellite-linked TDRs l Dialects among bearded seals from Alaska, Canada & Svalbard l Mother-pup behaviour in the pack-ice breeding bearded seal l Contaminant burdens in a benthic feeding Arctic phocid l Diving behaviour of lactating bearded seal females l Growth of neonatal bearded seals l The ontogeny of diving in bearded seals l Mating strategies in bearded seals l Seasonality and the role of singing in bearded seals.