Metamorphic and structural studies of crystalline complexes, NE Svalbard

The main purpose of the project is to study the structural and metamorphic evolution of Caledonian crystalline rocks in NE Svalbard. Detailed metamorphic petrology may provide some of the answers to questions about the evolution of the crust by providing constraints on the pressure-temperature (P-T) history of the investigated rocks. Metamorphic P-T data from different structural levels will be integrated with structural analysis and geochronology in order to gain sufficient understanding of the Caledonian tectonostratigraphy. The ultimate goal is to formulate tectonic models for Caledonian plate collision in the Arctic Caledonides.
The project is part of a larger geological mapping program under the Norwegian Polar Institute's direction. Geological maps in the scale 1:100,000 will be produced for the western and central part of Ny Friesland, including descriptive texts of the geology of each map area.
Four weeks of field work will be devoted to the central part of Ny Friesland during the spring 2001.