Terrestrial nutrient delivery from glacierised basins to high Arctic fjords

We will examine the loading of critical, productivity-limiting nutrients in two glacierised basins: Austre Brøggerbreen and Midre Lovénbreen. In addition, runoff and nutrient transport from the two glacier basins will be monitored throughout the summer. Our intention is to estimate annual nutrient fluxes (principally N, P and C in their various fractions, but also major ions and Si) and to elucidate the factors governing the magnitude, timing and bioavailability of nutrient transport from these two contrasting glaciers. It is anticipated that a comparison of the two basins will allow the efficacy of subglacial weathering reactions upon the release of nutrients from crustal sources to be examined. We will also estimate chemical denudation rates in both catchments and continue to measure the surface energy balance of Midre Lovénbreen.