The work which is planned during RV Polarstern expedition ARK XXIV-2 in summer 2009 will support funded EU-projects HERMIONE and ESONET and will further contribute to the new research programme of the AWI called PACES which starts in 2009. The proposed research programme contributes to the time-series studies at the deep-sea long-term observatory HAUSGARTEN where we investigate the impact of climate Change on an Arctic marine deep-sea ecosystem through field studies, etc. since 1999 which qualifies this station for ESONET. Furthermore, the cruise will contribute to the bi-lateral project KONGHAU where Norwegian and German scientist work complementary on a monitoring programme along a depth transect starting from the Kongsfjord along the HAUSGARTEn down into the Molloy Deep. A second target will be the Hakon Mosby Mud Volcano which is a cold ecosystem at the SW Barents Sea slope off Norway. Recent observed eruptions showed strong gas ebullition and abrupt temperature changes as well as changes in the morphology. Only by detailed continuous observations recording a wide variety of parameters more can be learned on the mechanism of such eruptions, estimates of gas release and the consequences for geochemistry and local communities.