National environmental specimen bank

Norway creates an environmental specimen bank in 2012. It will collect tissue samples of different species and store them for the future. The samples are planned to be used for undiscovered environmental challenges. Archived tissues can been used to carry out retrospective analyses of new and emerging chemical contaminants as well as other compounds of interest. Specimens can also been used to address a number of research and policy-related questions.
It will mainly be the Norwegian Polar Institute, the Governor of Svalbard, Norwegian Institute for nature research, University centre of Svalbard and Akvaplan-niva that will collect samples from Svalbard.
In addition, the Climate and Pollution Agency (Klif) do a yearly screening for new environmental pollutants. In this work, samples from the Norwegian Arctic is very important since a detection here prove that the chemical is environmental persistent and that it undergo long range transport. This project will collect samples for the national environmental specimen bank and for the screening program.