Structural geology of eastern Krossfjorden, Haakon VII Land

The project will focus on documenting geological structures of 'Svalbardian' (late Caledonian) age in the marble-dominated late Proterozoic bedrock on the east side of Krossfjorden. The area has been mapped at the regional scale as a broad synformal structure, but reconnaissance by Dr. Y. Ohta (Norsk Polarinstitutt) indicates that in reality it may be a much more complex array of faults and folds. This has important implications for estimates of shortening that occurred during mountain building and thus also for paleogeographic reconstruction of the area prior to the Devonian. Fjortende Julibreen and D'Arodesbreen afford excellent cross-strike exposures of the structures and should make it possible to create detailed maps and cross sections at the 1:5000 scale or better.