Ridges - Safe HAVens for ice-associated Flora and Fauna in a Seasonally ice-covered Arctic OCean (HAVOC)

HAVOC will study the role sea ice ridges play in the thinner ice pack in the Arctic Ocean. While the ice is getting thinner, the thicker parts of the ice cover are most likely to survive summer melt and provide the last habitat for ice-associated flora and fauna. The project will take part in the MOSAiC expedition.



Photo: Haakon Hop / Norwegian Polar Institute

The project is funded by the Research Council of Norway and supported by the Centre of Ice, Climate and Ecosystems at the Norwegian Polar Institute.


Ridges harbor key ecosystem functions in terms of habitat and food web components for sea ice, under-ice and pelagic flora and fauna in the central Arctic. Pressure ridges will become an increasingly important component of the new Arctic sea ice regime dominated by FYI where the largest portion of the level ice melts completely in summer.