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  • Norwegian Young sea ICE cruise (N-ICE2015)

    Research Primary objective: The objective of N-ICE2015 is to understand how the rapid shift to a younger and thinner sea ice regime in the Arctic affects energy fluxes, sea ice dynamics and the ice-associated ecosystem, as well as local and global climate. …

  • Synergistic effects of sea ice-free periods and contaminant exposure on energy metabolism in polar bears (BearEnergy)

    Research Prosjektet har som mål å undersøke effektene av havisdynamikk og miljøgifter på energimetabolisme i isbjørn fra Barentshavet. Vi sammenligner kondisjon, helse, energimetabolisme og miljøgiftnivåer hos isbjørnbinner fra Svalbard vår og høst.

  • Contaminant effects on energetics

    Research The main objective of the project is to investigate underlying mechanisms on how contaminants may affect energy homeostasis in polar bears. In addition we look at interactions between contaminant exposure and energy metabolism in free-ranging arctic mammals.