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Download our publications for free! Our archive contains a multitude of reports, books, articles and more, published by or with contribution from the Norwegian Polar Institute.

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What kind of publications are in the archive?

Publications to which the Norwegian Polar Institute holds the publishing rights, or in cases where other publishers give their consent, will be available in the archive soon after they have been published.

Articles published in scientific journals are usually subject to republishing restrictions, and most such articles cannot be republished in full-text until a year or two following the original publishing date. Some publishers may allow an earlier version of the article to be published in open archives.

About the publications archive «Brage»

«Brage» is an open institution archive, containing publications published by the Norwegian Polar Institute or with contribution from our employees.

The archive is Open Access, meaning the publications are freely available for anyone to download. The term Open Access covers both direct online publication, and online republishing of already published material.