International cooperation in research

The Norwegian Polar Institute acts as the contact point and facilitator of international polar research on Svalbard, and is an active participant in the research cooperation in Antarctica.

Svalbard Science Forum (SSF)

Svalbard Science Forum is a forum for information and coordination of all research in Svalbard. The purpose is to gather practical and typical information in one place and encourage cooperation.

SSF was created as a project under the Research Council in 1998 and has its seat in the Svalbard Research Park in Longyearbyen. Norwegian Polar Institute is in the control group. The Forum wants to contribute to the development of Svalbard as a platform for Arctic research and encourages samabeid between the many institutions working in the archipelago, with the aim to further develop the infrastructure and foreign research activities in Longyearbyen and Ny-Ålesund.

Research in Svalbard

Research in Svalbard (RiS) is a database that gathers information about current and planned research in Svalbard, to encourage samabeid and coordination of research and field activities across subjects. The database replaced the old printed catalog, "Research in Svalbard RiS", and all information from the old directories can also be found in searchable digital form.