Topographic maps of Antarctica

Topographic maps show the terrain of the earth's surface. Both natural and man-made forms, and features such as the coastlines, glaciers, roads and buildings. These maps also show place names, UTM grid and various types of boundaries. The maps of Antarctica can be purchased directly from the Norwegian Polar Institute.

Antarctica 1 : 10,000,000

Map of Antarctica

The map is in the scale 1 : 10,000,000 and shows land and sea south of 55 S°. Published 2013 by the Norwegian Polar Institute. The size is approximately 82,5x95 cm. Price NOK 119,–. The map is available folded and unfolded.

Read more about the data source of the map (PDF, 93 KB).

Antarctica and the Arctic 1 : 10,000,000

The Arctic and Antarctica

The map is in the scale 1 : 10,000,000. Published 2010 by the British Antarctic Survey. The size is approximately 90x74 cm. Price NOK 200,–

Dronning Maud Land 1 : 2 500,000


The map is in the scale 1 : 2 500 000 over the Norwegian dependency in Antarctica. The map also shows satellite image maps of station areas in the scale 1 : 250 000, thematic maps showing the movements of the ice and the elevation of the landscape under the inland ice. On the back there is an overview with coordinates for all Norwegian place names in Dronning Maud Land, a map sheet overview and an small overview map of Antactica.

The map was published in 2017 by the Norwegian Polar Institute. The map is in English and is printed on both sides. The size is approx. 100x70 cm. Price NOK 119,-. The map is available folded and unfolded and can be downloaded as PDF: front (31MB) og back (23MB).

Read more about the data source of the map (PDF, 93KB).

Dronning Maud Land 1 : 250,000

SheetTitlePrice (NOK)
A14 Shackletonkjeda** 55,40,-
B7 Vestfjella West 68,20,-


Vestfjella East 68,20,-
C8 Mannefallknausane** 55,40,-
C9 Tottanfjella** 55,40,-
D8 Heimefrontfjella North 68,20,-
D9 Heimefrontfjella South 68,20,-
E6 Annendagstoppane 55,40,-
E8 Ladfjella** 55,40,-
F5 Giæverryggen 68,20,-
F6 Borgmassivet 68,20,-
F7 Kirwanveggen 68,20,-
F8 Urfjellgavlen** 55,40,-
G5 Ahlmannryggen 68,20,-
G6 Jutulstraumen 68,20,-
G7 Neumayerskarvet 68,20,-
H5 Jutulgryta 68,20,-
H6 H.U. Sverdrupfjella 68,20,-
J5 Mühlig-Hofmannfjella North 68,20,-
J6 Mühlig-Hoffmannfjella South 68,20,-
K5 Filchnerfjella North 68,20,-
K6 Filchnerfjella South 68,20,-
L4 Schirmacheroasen 68,20,-
L5 Humboldtfjella 68,20,-
L6 Glopeflya 68,20,-
M4 Starheimtind 68,20,-
M5 Wohlthatmassivet 68,20,-
M6 Hoelfjella South 68,20,-
N5 Forposten 68,20,-
N6 Sarkofagen 68,20,-
P5 Einseten* 55,80,-
P6 Tussebreen* 55,80,-
Q5 Utsteinflya* 55,80,-
Q6 Widerøefjellet* 55,80,-
R5 Byrdbreen* 55,80,-
R6 Mefjell* 55,80,-
S5 Balchenfjella North* 55,80,-
S6 Balchenfjella South* 55,80,-
V3 Prins Harald Kyst* 55,80,-
V4 Prins Harald Kyst-Torshavnheiane* 55,80,-
W2 Kronprins Olav Kyst* 55,80,-
W3 Prins Harald Kyst - Kronprins Olav Kyst* 55,80,-
W4 Thorshavnheiane* 55,80,-
X2 Carnebreen* 55,80,-

* Proofs available.

** Temporary maps available.

Fimbulheimen – Satellite 1 : 250,000


The satellite image map is in the scale 1:250 000 over Fimbulheimen and surroundings in Dronning Maud Land.

It is in English and was published in 2017 by the Norwegian Polar Institute. The size is approx. 87x260 cm.

The map can be downladed for free in two sizes, smaller (PDF,50MB) for easy handling and larger (TIFF, 400MB) for more details.