Haakon Hop

Haakon Hop
Norsk Polarinstitutt

Aktuelle aktiviteter

Completed national and international research projects:

  • Norwegian Research Council & Ministry of Environment & Kings Bay AS grants 2000, 2002. Kongsfjord Ecosystem Workshops 2000, 2002
  • Norsk Hydro, vice-coordinator for research contract to NP 1998-2001 (6.5 mill NOK).
  • Temporal and spatial variability of the ice-ocean system of the ice-edge in the Marginal Ice Zone of the Barents Sea.
  • Norwegian Research Council, Arctic Light and Heat Programme, research grant 1997-2000. How the biodiversity of benthic communities is structured in an Arctic glacial fjord.
  • Norwegian Research Council, mini-AOGC operating grant to NP, 1996. Ecological processes in the Marginal Ice Zone of the northern Barents Sea.
  • Norwegian Research Council, Eastern Europe Programme grant, 1996. The biodiversity and fluxes in glacial arctic fjords.

Running national and international research projects:

  • Norwegian Research Council, Polar-Climate research grant 2003-2006 (project leader: NP-part). Carbon flux and ecosystem feed back in the northern Barents Sea in an era of climate change.
  • Norwegian Research Council, Arktøk research grant 2002-2005 (project leader: Akvaplan-niva). On Thin Ice? Climatic influence on energy flow and trophic structure in Arctic marine ecosystems.

Interesser og spesialfelt

  • My research interests are ecology and bioenergetics of pelagic, sympagic (ice-associated) and hard-bottom fishes and invertebrates in Arctic waters. More holistic interests include ecosystem structure, energy flow and bioaccumulation pollutants in Arctic marine food webs. This includes the integration of physical and biological data in multidisciplinary research projects carried out in the Marginal Ice Zone and in fjords on Svalbard.
  • My experience includes 15+ years of Arctic research, both experimental and field based work. I have organised multidisciplinary research programmes and cruises, and participated on these as researcher, scientific SCUBA diver and cruise leader. I have published more than 30 papers in the peer-reviewed literature, including many multidisciplinary papers. I also have teaching experience as instructor, annual lecturer and external examiner at the university level, and am external supervisor for graduate students. I have organised and led several workshops and sat on review panel for international research proposals. I have lead international groups for establishing new marine research projects in Kongsfjorden and a new Arctic marine laboratory in Ny-Ålesund.