Ny-Ålesund Terrestrial Flagship workshop

The Ny-Ålesund Terrestrial Flagship is a coordination and planning group of NySMAC, which aims to facilitate and inform all scientists studying tundra or lakes in Ny-Ålesund.

The aim of this workshop is to increase cooperation in measurements, data use, publications, study sites and experimental manipulations. Registration of locations, research questions, data availability and plans for improvement of study sites are planned results for this workshop. We also hope to make small video recordings of the principal investigators explaining each study.


For the moment there are six working groups formed around specific themes, but in Ny-Ålesund we will operate together to optimize integration.

WG 1: Animal adaptations (Åshild Pedersen and Maarten Loonen)

WG 2: Vegetation dynamics (Masaki Uchida and Angela Augusti)

WG 3: Soil processes and communities (Mette Svenning and Stefano Ventura)

WG 4: Carbon and Nutrient fluxes (Angela Augusti and Masaki Uchida)

WG 5: Freshwater systems (Elie Verleyen, Dirk Mengedoht, Josef Elster)

WG 6: Sensitivity of ecosystems and integration (Maarten Loonen and Elie Verleyen)


We ask interested scientists to register on the webpage. If there are more than 25 interested, we will prioritize persons to have each research group, topic, institute or site represented.


Registration deadline: as soon as possible, but at the latest 25 June 2018.


The venue will be Ny-Ålesund. Maarten will do a common booking in RiS for all needing it (all that are not present in Ny-Ålesund for their fieldwork already) after the registration deadline. We have chartered a plane from Kings Bay 13/8/2018 at 13:00 going to NYÅ, and returning 16/8/2018 at 11:30.


We have funds to support 25 scientists. The support include airfare Longyearbyen-Ny-Ålesund, and board and stay (if needed) in Ny-Ålesund.


In fall (August-October) 2019 a second workshop will be arranged  in Longyearbyen. At that workshop we aim to produce a scientific publication of the terrestrial ecosystem.

If you cannot make it to the first workshop, please do register as a member of the terrestrial ecosystem flagship to keep receiving news. This can be done on the webpage. If you have a five minute video registration of your work at the field site, please share with us, and we would like to make an archive on our flagship website.

More information can be found on the Ny-Ålesund Terrestrial Ecology Flagship webpage: