Ny-Ålesund Kongsfjord Flagship workshop

The Ny-Ålesund Kongsfjord Flagship workshop will be arranged the 20-21 September 2018 at the Fram Sentre in Tromsø.

The Kongsfjord Flagship Program (KFP) is one of the four Ny-Ålesund flagship programs. Now the Flagship is organized in a number of topical working (see below).

The workshop will enable the different groups to meet and discuss the further development of marine research in Kongsfjorden toward a number of integrated projects.

During this workshop we will have an update on the different working groups and use this state for identifying remaining gaps in knowledge. An overview on ongoing and planned projects in Kongsfjorden should be presented. It is encouraged that the different working groups use the opportunity for the design of new activities. 

The workshop will both give time in plenum and within the working groups. The work group leaders are encouraged to make plans for the discussions within their working group. 


The contact persons for the working group is as follows:

WP 1: Physical, chemical and ecological observations (F. Cottier, SAMS, UK)

WP 2: Contaminant flow and deposition  (G. W. Gabrielsen, NPI, Norway))

WP 3: Land-sea-atmosphere interactions. (K. Bischof, Univ.  Bremen, Germany)

WP 4: Seasonal control of the nutrient regime (C. Jimenez, Univ.  Malaga, Spain)

WP 5: Response to key environmental drivers and adaptive potential (J.P. Gattuso, CNRS, France)

WP 6: Modelling the Kongsfjorden/Krossfjorden  ecosystem (P. Duarte, NPI, Norway)

WG1 will also include discussions and coordination of mooring activities in Kongsfjorden (responsibility Haakon Hop from the NPI).

Preliminary agenda

Day 1: Intro to the status of the Kongsfjorden Flagship - Meeting inside WP groups - progress in specific topics.

Day 2: Intergration/coordination over/between working groups. Presentation of the mooring activities (Haakon).


The registration is closed. If you have any questions, or would like a late-registration contact the organizers


The meeting is free of charge and include coffee breaks, lunches and the workshop common dinner. We have also limited funds available for travel support. If you require travel support please email Geir at and indicate the approximate costs of your travel as soon as possible, and latest 15 August. We will be able to cover hotel costs for participants of the workshop. Please also indicate which group of the workshop you would like to attend and your contribution. The flagship steering committee will in the best manner distribute the available funds between the participation in need of this.

Workshop location

The workshop will be arranged at the Fram Centre in Tromsø.


We have pre-booked some rooms at Thon Hotel (until 28 August).


Kongsforden Flagship webpage:



Contact persons

, University of Bremen

, Norwegian Polar Institute