Radiative Transfer and Heat Budget Processes on Arctic Sea Ice

Primary and secondary objectives of the project:

Design and build a system for measuring the full radiation budget of a sea-ice surface, in which individual measurements are affected by the surface properties of an area a few meters in diameter, but which can be
used to make many measurements over a large area, allowing an integration of the individual measurements into representative large-scale values.

Using data from this system and from other observations of energy-exchange and physical properties of the sea
ice, gain an improved understanding of the processes that affect the energy budget of the first-year ice that will
dominate the Arctic in the future.

Combine the observational data and a sophisticated radiative transfer model of the atmosphere-snow-ice-ocean
system (CASIO-DISORT) to both improve the model and further understand the relevant processes and the role that different components in the system play in determining the energy budget.