Arctic Water Resources

A reliable water supply is essential for the development of infrastructure in the Arctic. There is a need for specialized knowledge about availability, transport, storage and processing of water in the cold arctic environment. The technical solutions used in temperate and warm climate cannot always be used directly in the Arctic. The climate conditions and permafrost conditions limit the availability of water both spatially and in time, and make the few available resources vulnerable to pollution and other misuse. A proper water management should be based on good knowledge of the special hydrological processes in permafrost areas.

This course will cover these topics: Regional water balance in the Arctic; Available water resources (surface water and groundwater); Hydrological measurement techniques in an arctic climate (precipitation, runoff, evaporation and snow); Water quality; Hydrological processes in permafrost areas; Erosion and sediment transport in catchments and rivers; Lake and river ice; Water supply and wastewater processing; Techniques for water storage and transport; Hydrological models for Arctic catchments; Water management practices in arctic countries.