The submitted research program include the following points for 2002/2003 :

  • Field observations and measurements in the Northwestern and Western Spitsbergen areas in order to collect structural and kinematic data, in response to prograde and retrograde metamorphic reactions and deformation during Caledonian Orogeny. This investigations will be achieved in the Biskayer Peninsula and Motalafjella, that offer good exposures to study mechanical aspects of the deformation affecting the HP rocks and also their retromorphic evolution beneath the Devonian " Old Red Sandstones " basin. Motalafjella area is choosen as this zone exceptionnally exposed blueschists facies rocks, symptomatic of a colder tectonic regime.
    -Reconstruction of the P-T-t evolution through petrological analyses and geochronological age determinations.
  • Theorical approach, from a mechanical point of view, to assess the role of mineral changes on the rheology and on the localization of the deformation.
  • Experiments on the rheology of eclogites
  • Thermo-mechanical modelling at lithosphere scale, integrating the preceeding informations.