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  • The Fram Strait Arctic Outflow Observatory

    Monitoring This long-term project monitors the ocean currents and sea ice leaving the Arctic Ocean through Fram Strait. The project maintains a mooring array which provides a continuous, high-resolution time series of temperature, salinity, velocity and sea ice thickness measurements in the Arctic …

  • N-ICE2015: Atmosphere

    Research The objective of this project is to understand how atmospheric forcing affects the sea ice mass balance and dynamics in a thinner first-year sea ice regime.

  • N-ICE2015: Ecosystem dynamics in a high-Arctic pack ice environment

    Research The main objective of this project is to quantify the links between physical mechanisms with biogeochemical processes in the Arctic Ocean mixed layer and sea ice, towards a better understanding of the effects of the thinner ice cover on the pack ice ecosystem.

  • N-ICE2015: Sea ice dynamics

    Research Sea-ice drift determines the dynamic part of the Arctic sea-ice mass balance, i.e., ice export and dynamic growth. High-resolution observations of sea ice dynamics are needed to (1) gain better understanding of small scale deformation processes, (2) evaluate and improve satellite derived …

  • N-ICE2015: Sea ice

    Research Core observations will be regular mapping of the snow and ice cover thickness and physical properties at the study site. Both temporal and spatial aspects will be investigated.