This event has been cancelled

We would like to invite all researchers interested in the marine system in Kongsfjorden to a yearly meeting place (workshop-style) with the aim to increase collaboration and coordination. Other focus area will be to plan joint field work to minimize the environmental footprint, and to work on jointly publications.


The participants need to reserve rooms themselves.

NPI have an agreement with Thon Polar Hotel.


The work within the flagship is currently structured into seven thematic working groups. The groups are flexible units where intersections and cross breeding is encouraged. The flagship structure is open for establishing new working groups based on scientific needs at any time.

WP 1: Physical, chemical and ecological observations

WP 2: Contaminant flow and deposition

WP 3: Land-sea-atmosphere interactions

WP 4: Seasonal control of the nutrient regime

WP 5: Response to key environmental drivers and potential for acclimation and adaptation

WP 6: Approaches in modelling the Kongsfjorden/Krossfjorden ecosystem

WP 7: Kongsfjorden Top Trophics


The work package leaders are currently working on setting up a interesting and useful program for the workshop.  More information will follow.

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