In the night before Sunday the Municipality of Tromsø ordered immediate home quarantine for everyone arriving from Oslo, Agder, Rogaland, Viken, Vestfold and Telemark, Innlandet and Vestland in Norway.  

This means that all who have arrived in Tromsø from these areas on or after 10 March now have to go into home quarantine for 14 days.

The NPI is on the National Directorate for Civil Protection’s list of vital functions in society. This means that management may make exemptions from general rules for key personnel when it is strictly necessary in order to maintain proper running of vital functions. Apart from this, there can be no exemptions from the regulations. This means that unless you are contacted by your immediate superior, the quarantine order goes for all employees at the Institute. 

The order will affect all NPI’s employees who have visited these areas. Employees affected by this quarantine order must contact their immediate superior.

The home quarantine order also goes for people who have been abroad – including Norwegian Polar Institutes employees.

Kind regards, Ole Arve Misund, director Norwegian Polar Institute